Reading back through this blog, I’ve realized that I miss reviewing things. I got tired of reviewing the mind-numbing amount of media I consume, and that may happen again, but I really liked doing it for a while. 

Maybe I’ll pick it up again…


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Me swinging a laser sword around (which is CLEARLY what I would do) is 100% a terrible idea. Still… #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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So…. it’s time for a BIG LIFE EVENT post!! Yay!!! Yesterday I formally received an offer of employment for a new job. This job is an amazing opportunity for me and a step in the direction I want to take. The company is Digitaria, a full-service digital marketing, design and technology company Downtown.

I’m really excited about this transition. It’s certainly time, as well. I’ve become exceptionally jaded in my current position and with life as a whole. I knew it was time to make some changes and go on some adventures. My trip to Japan in April is a big part of that as well. But I needed to make some personal changes and I knew that a big one was doing work that I actually had a passion for. Digitaria will offer me that opportunity. The company is fast-paced, successful, has AMAZING culture, probably the coolest office I’ve ever been in, and is an overall great fit.

Truth be told, change terrifies me, but this job is a great new step towards what I hope will be a more positive outlook on my future. So cheers to that!! 

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This might get pulled down, so watch quickly.

Can’t wait for the day that something like this is unnecessary. Equality for all, in LOVE most of all. 

I hope, sincerely, that myself and my children (should I have any), will someday be witness to a world where men and women don’t have to hide behind pixels, or ANY other facade, in order to be who they are. And to love who they want to love. 

Thanks Nat.

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To what I’m sure is no one’s surprise, 10.8 “Mountain Lion” looks to integrate more of the iOS UX into the desktop space. On paper, this probably frightens a lot of users, but what I’m reading sounds pretty good for my use. 

I like the Messages app, I’ve been waiting for that. Apple needs to lock this down and ensure stability though. I’ve always had a tough time staying connected to accounts via iChat. I also like the system-wide Notifications, similar to Growl, but with the elegant Apple aesthetic. The Twitter integration also looks pretty slick if it works as well as they seem to want it to. Not sure how much I’d use that (I rarely use the integrated Twitter on my iPhone), but I can see the utility. 

I’m really looking forward to Safari having their version of the Omnibox as well. I like Chrome, but I’ve always found Safari to be a bit faster and more stable as a browser on Mac. Just a preference, but it’s what I’ve noticed in my use. I also use my Mac email addy as my primary email account, so more iCloud integration works just fine for me. Overall, I think things look pretty good and I’m excited to work my way around this iteration.


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There is simply no way that Double Fine’s nearly offensive Kickstarter campaign won’t garner attention from the big wigs at top-tier (and likely smaller) gaming companies. $1 million dollars in 24 hours? This is madness.

Madness? THIS! IS! …Well, yeah, it’s nuts.

That’s too much money to be ignored. I won’t be surprised to see EA, Activision, Bioware, etc. start Kickstarter campaigns for smaller projects at some point. Just to dip their toes in. Test the waters. 

The water’s warm.


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Video game companies should stop calling special edition releases of their games “Complete” editions. The implication there is that if I don’t purchase this “complete” edition, then I am spending $60 to purchase an incomplete edition. A lacking edition.

That’s not a good value proposition.


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